ÖKOTECH: Wide Range Of Upvc Window & Door Profiles

Okotech uPVC Windows & Doors

Okotech is among the most timeless and sought after window solutions. The beautifully crafted and expertly executed uPVC window and door systems are made from premium grade raw materials, precision extruded and engineered to be visually stunning. They offer complete versatility to ensure they meet your functional and stylistic requirements. Okotech window solutions are made to complement any property – whether it be a new or existing build, an extension, or even a period styled home the Okotech window and door systems are guaranteed to change the way a space is interacted with, enabling it to be enjoyed like never before.

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Colors to Inspire

A range of colours makes it possible to choose the colour you want for your windows and doors. Find a colour that suits your style, no matter how subtle or audacious your choice may be. Ranging from bright primary shades to pastels and deep earthy tones, the extensive Okotech colour palette is guaranteed to offer inspiration to interior designers and homeowners alike.

Additionally, there is a dual colour option available, which means that the exterior colour can complement the building style while the interior frame can blend in with or contrast your internal colour scheme. Many of our colours come with the option of offering a matt, satin or gloss finish.

Our lead time works to your schedule, what this means is delivery date can be specified at the point of order, so the manufacturing schedule is controlled by your requirements. Whether it’s for a week or a month’s time, Okotech can deliver.

Okotech popular colour range includes white to jet black and covers all the shades in between, and also authentic woodgrain finishes as well as selected dual colours. The profiles are finished with a durable, high-grade laminate that is resistant to scratches and colour fading, and the profiles are guaranteed to look pristine for decades to come.

Wide Range of uPVC Profiles for Windows & Doors

  • Casement Windows & Doors
  • Sliding Windows & Doors
  • Villa Windows
  • Arch Windows
  • Tilt & Turn Windows
  • Special Windows
  • Sliding & Folding Doors
  • MacBook Air

O5 Profile Sliding Series

All dimensions are in mm.

O5 Profile 45 mm Casement Series

Ö5 Profile Sliding Series

Ö5 Profile 45 mm Casement Series


  • Requires minimal space
  • Perfect solution for small rooms
  • The solution for installation situations where conventional sliding elements cannot be used optimally due to tightness and eff ciency

Ö7 Profile Sliding Series

Ö7 Profile Casement Series

Villa Series

O7 Profile Designs Sliding Series

O7 Profile Designs Casement Series


  • Lead-free uPVC profiles

  • Equipped to produce 7 feet height doors

  • Multi chamber uPVC profiles

  • uPVC profiles sized to 60 mm width and 52 mm height

  • Backed by technology to offer great combination of uPVC

  • Wall thickness ranges from 2.2 to 2.5 mm

Ö10 Profile Sliding Series

Ö10 Profile Designs Sliding Series

Ö10 SERIES (10 Feet Height) ADVANTAGES

  • Lead-free uPVC profiles
  • Multi chamber uPVC profiles
  • Our uPVC profiles come with a wall thickness of 2.8mm +/- 0.2mm which is superior to competitors
  • Equipped to provide 10 feet height doors
  • The 4 track uPVC profiles are manufactured to accommodate 8 panels with up to 18 feet width and 10 feet height
  • Equipped to provide partition doors with a width of more than 10 meters
  • Backed by technology to provide doors with up to 12 to 13 feet width and 10 feet height with only 2 panels

Auxiliary Profiles

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